Top Transformation Champions: Powering the digital-era business

Zaid Ghattas, Senior Commercial Sales Leader, AMD.

Many businesses, especially in the automotive, construction, healthcare, and retail sectors and the financial services industry have already started adopting digital transformation.

COVID-19 has been a huge accelerator driving transformation in the region. With a drop in coronavirus cases, the region is seeing rapid growth in digitalisation. Since the region has a young population, primarily millennials and Generation Z, the rate of digital adoption is likely to keep growing across the Middle East.

AMD provides solutions for businesses and enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey and expects governments and enterprises in the region to adopt digital transformation strategies.

UAE and Saudi Arabia have been leading this transformation and have a very well-established digital transformation journey, enabling one to process the entire government transaction digitally. While there is a clear distinction between the two, both are moving in the same direction.

The Middle East region has all elements required to progress and is likely to accelerate its adoption with adequate guidance and direction from the government.

AMD has been driving and working closely with several governments across the region providing solutions that help accelerate, optimise, and enhance the digital transformation journey.

Businesses have been adjusting to the remote working model, which brings different challenges. Taking businesses to the cloud is one of the biggest challenges and the company offers products to support this transition.

Organisations also face the challenge of providing power-efficient, high-performance devices to employees since the demand for longer battery life and better computing power to complete tasks effectively is high.

AMD Ryzen PRO processor provides both of these with its on-chip security features. This helps protect the employees and businesses as well.

The company also brings significant advancement with its portfolio of high-performance CPUs, accelerators, data processing units and adaptive computing products such as the latest AMD processors powered by Zen 4 cores.

Frontier, a supercomputer powered by AMD’s optimised 3rd generation EPYC CPU and its instinct accelerators is listed among the top players in the Top 500 list of supercomputers. It also tops the latest Green 500 list that measures the energy efficiency of supercomputers.

Creating a more sustainable business has become a key priority for organisations and more companies are now setting up sustainability and energy efficiency objectives. These organisations can learn from the innovative technologies deployed by some of the world’s fastest supercomputers, particularly those developed by AMD.

Going ahead, the company aims to increase energy efficiency for its processors and Instinct GPU accelerators by 30x from 2020 to 2025. It is also driving a competitive energy efficiency goal and expects to achieve it before the deadline.

Key takeaways

  • The pandemic has been a huge accelerator, driving digital transformation in the Middle East region.
  • Organisations are trying to adapt to the remote working model, including taking their businesses to the cloud.
  • Companies are struggling to provide power-efficient, high-performance devices to employees for better efficiency.
  • AMD’s high-performance CPUs, accelerators, and adaptive computing products help businesses achieve their transformation goals.
Zaid Ghattas, Senior Commercial Sales Leader, AMD.
Zaid Ghattas, Senior Commercial Sales Leader, AMD.