At GITEX 2020, GELLIFY to promote open banking with artificial intelligence

Michele Giordani, Managing Partner and Founder at GELLIFY

GELLIFY, an international startup hub that supports organizations with advisory services and advanced technology, will explore the driving forces across the fintech space and its role in the payment sector. On Sunday 6 December at 3:45pm at the GITEX AI Arena, Michele Giordani, Managing Partner and Founder at GELLIFY will be among the panellists at the GITEX conference to delve into the aspects of AI enabling banks to better connect and personalise customer service. 

With the UAE being home to 23 local and 26 multinational banking institutions, open banking technology puts control back in the hands of the consumer whether to share their financial information through third-party applications. The panel will discuss how to better streamline functionality of the payment system and integrate technology into the offerings of financial services companies to serve people better.

GELLIFY is the official innovation partner of GITEX Future Stars. A leader in innovation, its company senior executives will be alongside founders, investors, and leaders of the worldwide startup ecosystem during the event to offer mentorship and demonstrate expertise in the industry.