Azizi Developments’ work orders now automated as digitisation of facility management completed

Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments, a private developer in the UAE, is advancing swiftly in its digital transformation journey, to the benefit of all of its stakeholders, particularly its investors and end-users. The digitisation of Azizi’s facility management processes is now complete, with them being fully integrated with its CRM department and with work orders now being entirely automated. This has increased efficiency significantly, and has reduced the completion time of open-to-close cases by over 50%. The developer’s leasing processes have now also been fully automated, giving clients more visibility and ensuring a higher degree of transparency, all while eliminating human error.

Moreover, with the implementation of higher speed internet and unlimited data, work efficiency has increased substantially, while average turnaround time in most departments, including Azizi’s CRM teams, has been cut in half.

Work orders being raised are now responded 60%+ faster via a newly implemented tool


Technicians are now being assigned using geo location tracking, which has yielded a decrease in response and closure times

The developer has also overhauled its snagging processes. Work orders being raised, resulting from inspections, are now being responded to more than 60% faster via a newly implemented tool. Furthermore, technicians are now being assigned using geo location tracking, which has yielded a substantial decrease in response and closure times.

Through its digital business transformation, Azizi Developments is improving its operational efficiency, end-products and services for its investors, end-users, brokerage partners, suppliers, as well as the governing authorities. In addition to faster turnaround times, Azizi’s customers benefit from greater convenience, superior customer service and increased ROIs.

In his comments on the new emerging technologies being employed, Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, said: “We continue to find new ways to transform ourselves into a much more stakeholder-centric developer. Enhancing employee efficiency, streamlining our internal and external processes, and building up our digital workflow, allows us to provide better and faster service to our stakeholders, with especially investors and end-users reaping the benefits. As part of our innovation framework, we strive for operational excellence through the continuous implementation of new digital tools that either serve as a solution to an existing predicament, or that enhance the way we work. We invest heavily into training our staff to be proficient digital natives, which we see as an absolute must, and as the key to the growth of our business. We are making strides in our digital roadmap, and look forward to announcing more success stories in this realm in due course.”