Food manufacturer BRF cuts 45% energy on 12,000 PCs using Microsoft System Centre

BRF installs Microsoft System Centre on 12,000 computers.

BRF, a global food companies, has installed a new energy management solution from the Microsoft System Centre on around 12,000 computers across the company, consequently reducing energy consumption by its computers by 45%. This technology monitors when the equipment is idle and automatically reduces energy consumption. In terms of numbers, the reduction comes to 1.6 million kwph, resulting in savings of nearly R$720,000 a year. For comparison, this amount of energy is sufficient to supply around 850 households for a year.

The new technology can manage the entire datacentre, also diagnosing and solving problems. Besides managing the integrated IT services, the system also automates tasks and speeds up processes. To make the reduction in power consumption possible, BRF upgraded the machines to Windows 10 due to its better compatibility with the System Centre, a tool already used by the company for some time.

Besides managing the integrated IT services, the system also automates tasks and speeds up processes

The operating system was also important for installing the new device, as it has facilities to automate energy consumption practices. The process was split into stages so that the computers could be upgraded with the least possible impact.

Everything was executed in an automated manner through the System Centre. The IT team approached users and together they could pick the best time for each computer to be upgraded. Besides requiring very few IT staff, the remote update of Windows reduced costs and increased efficiency. This kept operations running and did not hinder employees’ routines.

“From the technology point of view, we are using the best to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and this way we focus on food production and on optimising costs,” said André Mainardes, IT coordinator at BRF.

“We did a pilot unit and when it operated just as we wanted, we gradually replicated the process at other units,” said Sandro Baseggio, IT analyst at BRF.