How Western Digital is moving edge to end point explains Khwaja Saifuddin Ahmad

Khwaja Saifuddin Ahmad, Senior Sales Director Middle East, Western Digital, discusses with GEC Media Group’s Editor Arun Shankar, that¬† the vendor is bringing the edge close to the end point. Generically speaking the core and the edge are two distinct areas of computing. With Western Digital’s latest 1TB micro SD card, suitable for mobile connected devices, the application and the storage are resident on the same card. Imagine if all data being created by body worn cameras could be analysed as it was created.

Western Digital is looking at data and storage creation based on the use cases. Says Saifuddin Ahmad: We are Slicing consumers by their needs, where are they using it and what do they want. It has created a category of storage products for gamers using the external HDD, instead of them carrying the console. Western Digital operates wherever there is a need for storage. At present the revenue contribution from business and end consumers is the same at 50% each. But from a unit volume point of view the contribution from Micro SD and USB devices is much more.