People are both accelerator and obstacle to change says SAP’s Nelly Boustany

Nelly Boustany, Senior Director EMEA South, HCM Value, SAP, talks to GEC Media Group’s Editor Arun Shankar, about the role of people in digital transformation. People are at the centre of transformation and transformation is all about people. They are the biggest accelerator of transformation as well as the biggest obstacle. People have to change, they have to adapt to change, or they will become irrelevant. The very nature of work is being redefined and people need to start reinventing themselves. Those organisations that provide a platform for people to learn will have the most competitive advantage. Technology is an accelerator.

Organisations need to decide what is the culture they want to have in order to survive and sustain their business. They need to rethink the way they do things inside the organisation. Does the new world require more agility. Are the internal processes too complex to move fast enough. Change is therefore a combination of culture, revisiting the business and human processes, and finding the technology to enable those processes.