Women can tackle challenges in a more efficient way

Javeria Aijaz, Director Technology and Innovations, Farnek.

Women are not only appreciated but are successful in almost every industry vertical. It motivates me enough to keep my focus on working and delivering more than what is expected from my role. Man and woman are just employees, what matters is their skills, experience and how they drive their operations to deliver the excellence that make businesses shine.

Most challenging

Being a woman means nothing is impossible as it is in our nature to take the challenge and deliver with all the effort and loyalty.

Most engaging

Business operates on technology, so my skills and operations are at the heart of our business. This gives me satisfaction every day.

Javeria Aijaz, Director Technology and Innovations, Farnek

Technical architect and leader on smart FM solutions for Farnek, Aijaz is an experienced technocrat, passionate IoT strategist, with software development background. She has implemented mobility, cloud, IoT, remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, BI, and ERP solutions.