Making lives easier and convenient through robotics

Doaa Sulaiman, Robotics Business Development Director at Proven Robotics.

When I started my career in technology, women had already established their position in the industry in some countries. Over the years, education has become more about attending to the market requirements and universities have started to incorporate specialisations for IT. Gradually the area of information technology widened its scope, responding to the leap in technology. AI, machine learning, and data analysis are now being studied by women. Thus, they have focused and specialised career development plans starting from being undergraduates to MBA and PHD holders.

Most challenging

Time is a big challenge in technology. Every day we have a new update, and you always need to be one step ahead; what we develop today can be automated tomorrow! Therefore, it is crucial to study the market and follow market trends in the sectors I am operating in, from retail to healthcare and education.

Most engaging

When it comes to the robotics business, we have a part that interacts with end users, where the robot can be an assistant for elders, a teaching assistant for special needs children. This is where I feel I am adding value to have the robot reach a segment of end users and serve them to make their lives easier and more convenient.

Doaa Sulaiman, Robotics Business Development Director at Proven Robotics

Sulaiman’s role includes creating a successful robotics business line and develop the go-to-market strategy for a series of humanoid, service and industrial robots. Identifying and ascertain the scope of the applications and software working on those robots for customers. She provides the software and applications use cases and user scenarios to the development team in light of the market requirements.