Gender equality in IT is a work in progress

Dina Tarek, Regional Account Manager for ME region, Liferay.

Being a woman in a male-dominant industry might sound tough. 8 years into the field and I have always had the support I needed whenever possible. The technology industry has come a long way, where women can excel and flourish without worrying about fear of discrimination. Women inclusivity in this field is a work in progress, and I am proud to see more women take on important roles in the industry. Any talented woman who perceives a safe environment in which to develop, personally and professionally, will have an additional motivation to contribute to increasing the percentage of women who access the top management substantially.

Dina Tarek, Regional Account Manager for ME region, Liferay

Tarek is the Regional Account Manager for the ME region at Liferay and it has been a fulfilling experience for her. Caring for renowned customers across the region, helping them see the benefit, up-selling and cross-selling, as well as sharing the best practices make up the aspects of her job that she enjoys and loves.